Torque converter hitting flexplate

5l flexplate has a shallower dish to it than the 2. Flexplate Bolt Kit. It doesn't do it while it's in Park, only while in Drive or Reverse. If you use thick flexplate bolts to crankshaft most will hit back of converter,  Jan 17, 2013 Never bolt the torque converter to the flexplate (flywheel) first, then install This next photo shows the side the converter hit, the tabs, and the  Jun 21, 2015 A few months ago, I bought a B&M 40480 torque converter with the . Think about the weight of the torque converter and remember it's full of fluid in use. Most flexplates measure 7/8" from bellhousing to the mounting pads. A ticking noise from this area could be caused by one of several things. 510 2) Converter pushed towards engine, with converter snout(?) buried into crankshaft plate. That is why many manufactures suggest to replace bolts and nuts so they eventually won't break. Ok so I'm hanging my head low cause i should have listened to a couple of key players here but i wanted some tcm info before i scrounge up some money for a paramount tcm, the other day my dog died and being upset i needed some speed and was pounding the throttle in auto mode and all the sudden There is no torque converter because it is a manual transmission! Do I disconnect the bolts for the clutch from the other side of the flexplate through the holes in the bottom of the tranny housing; they are T50 Plus I believe? According the alldata I only need to remove anything from flexplate if it is equiped with a torque conveter. Obviously, since the splines allow The Flexplate also attaches to the Torque Converter (connected at the front of the transmission). If it is hitting. I've tried to slide the converter out a bit, but it feels like it is hitting on something. Re: Spacers between torque converter and flexplate If the converter is pulling back on the flexplate, that must mean that the pilot on the front of the converter is hitting something before the it can go into the pilot hole on the crank, or the pilot is too long and bottoming. . All the teeth on the flexplate are there without any abnormal wear. By definition, a torque converter functions by transferring power from the engine to the transmission and the rest of the car. the internal pressure will push the torque converter forward The problem is that there is no clearance between the flexplate and torque converter. Torque Converter Basics. The best streetable stall that's a little higher would be the stock converter from a Trailblazer that had a Inline 6 cyl. Worse yet, it could cause the converter to pull the flexplate unequally. I've tried shiming the starter without any improvment. 150-2902 3. . I made sure it had no spigget bearing before I installed it. 4L Diesel Flexplate Bolt Kit. But . Attached is a picture of the correct Flex Plate. Hi, I just recently put a 1989 B230Ft into my 1990 740 Turbo with the same motor. So we started looking at the flexplate and the teeth where hitting the bellhousing. Torque Converter Nuts - How To Loosen? I'm tired of cussing at the Borg Warner BW-55 transmission. b. The immediate problem is that I have a knock coming from the torque converter or possibly the flex plate. 4. its all back together now but it looks like the flexplate is rubbing with the plate that goes on the engine. "; #2 - Sneaks out at night and holds up convenience stores for all the ATF they have on hand; The Number 1 reason your torque converter is bad - Your torque converter has appeared twice on "America's Most Wanted". 100+ products In Stock, ready to ship at CARiD. The best part is, our Honda Accord Flywheel/Flexplate products start from as little as $69. 3. it drives the pump etc. So recently i replaced the torque converter on my C4 transmission. 2L-134ci-S4 Engine Torque Specs. otherwise there would have to be a lot more balance differences between the two engines as they come from the factory. There are no effects on the drivability of the vehicle. One thought I had is it might not be a speed or rpm thing but instead an rpm AND load thing. I think. The photo below shows a cracked rotor in a TH700R4 transmission from a mis-installed torque converter. As I researched the details for myself, it became very apparent that it's a confusing topic for many folks and that there are various sites out there that attempt to explain it. I recently put a 360 in my CJ with a TF 999. IE did you just put the engine and tranny back together. Another thing it can be is; the hub on the torque converter hitting the crankshaft for some reason. The high torque of your Cummins in conjunction with a better designed torque converter can transfer the torque with no slip. Look for wear. that is exactly what the industry has dictated to us for years . well, the whine seems to be coming more from the area of the torque converter. You need to look for the hole(s) in the flexplate between where the torque convertor bolts stick through. It's the stock 153 tooth flex plate and the starter is the correct 11 tooth reduction starter. Sometimes after the car is warm, I will hear a tic tic sound coming from the flex plate/torque converter area. I had been hearing a noise on hard acceleration that has been getting gradually worse over the last year. Ive hit a wall trying to connect the c4 to the engine as the torque converter bolts are hitting the sandwich plate when we tighten up the bolts between the engine and gearbox. Sounds like it's hitting at the top of the bell housing. I had a Suncoast A518,and their converter,which is made for a billet flexplate anyway. So far I'm thinking the pinion pre-load is bad, spider gears are worn, or ring and pinion are worn/pitted. 438 in The yblock cruiseomatic is 11. the manual trans flywheel plus clutch disc plus pressure plate is equal to the weight of the flexplate plus full converter. Easy Returns. Let's check your converter length next. You may be looking at the wrong thing. try removing the ring. The inner shaft (input shaft) can be pulled in and out of the Torque converter and in and out of the transmission. Mar 26, 2015 Automatic Transmission - All about Flexplates, Converters, the trans and stall torque converter to flywheel/ block are going to mate up  Feb 17, 2017 should be added between converter and flexplate/flywheel until the proper of the torque converter to the engine and transmission mechanically. flexplate bends around ridge on converter face when tightening bolts. Without the inspection plate of course haha So what do you guys think? It's the flexplate (in a manual trans it's called a flywheel). I've got the engine on the mounts, and the engine block bolted to the transmission case, but when I try to mate the flexplate to the torque-converter, they spin together as one unit. The turbine is driven by a hydraulic interaction between itself and the torque converters centrifugal pump, component #6. They are bolted to the engine and provide a fluid coupling to the transmission. I need the torque and tightening sequence for that engine asap or anything else I need to know. never pulled a trany on a diesel, I have plenty of experience with the flexplate style that the V8s used. A cracked flexplate can allow relative movement between the converter and crank flange, as well. FTI Performance Transmission Parts from an Authorized Dealer. If it is in fact the torque converter, and it guts itself, you will be looking at a complete rebuild of the transmission to remove all of those little pieces of metal. been a mechanic for 35 years. I was lucky enough to have a very good friend with a Toyota truck salvage yard so I got one cheap. Also on the assembly line they dont use a torque wrench for flywheel or flexplate bolts. That’s when the red flags began to show themselves. The TC bolts are a torx 55. The torque converter should seat deep into the bell housing. I used a flat screwdriver to rotate the engine using the teeth. 002" - 0. With an automatic transmission the car will have a flexplate, which is where the torque converter bolts up. A 164tooth big bell c4 application flexplate was used when my friend put an older motor in front of his AOD. the fsm shows 4 holes in the flywheel that would be for the torque converter. Leaving a pilot bearing in place can prevent the piloting "knob" of the torque converter from seating correctly. It's the flex plate that seems to be the issue on this one. Inside the donut-shaped housing is an impeller, which is driven by the engine. This can cause the flexplate to fail and even break the transmission case, as was the likely situation here. My first issue was the the flexplate bottomed out in the crank pilot hole before engaging the flexplate. chevy forum at Car Dealer Forums; I blew up my transmission im my 1987 silverado and i swapped it out with So i tried my c4 again & it still wont go past the flexplate? the torque converter keeps hitting the flexplate the torque converter will not go any further back in the bell its only goin about a half inch to inch back maybe a lil more & my dads telling me thats just not right he said the trans should bolt all the way up before even bolting the converter & flexplate together. When installed in the truck, the torque converter should "float" a bit before bolting up to converter. Trying to install converter on the shaft and will not go in the last inch or so - measured 1-5/8" from engine to end of flex plate, and just over 1 inch from bell housing to TC pads Your Jeep Wrangler will be happy to know that the search for the right Flywheel/Flexplate products you’ve been looking for is over! Advance Auto Parts has 25 different Flywheel/Flexplate for your vehicle, ready for shipping or in-store pick up. Behind a 5. Careful selection is important because, as most of you know, Ford had many variations. Now you will be able to access the teeth of the flexplate. Torque Converter Installation Tips Clean the crankshaft pilot hole. I tried to bolt the torque converter and flex plate togeather, but there is roughly a 1/4 inch gap. A vibration caused by the converter bushing, at the front pump or an internal problem with the converter itself There were some cars that were prone to this problem; but Toyota hasn't had problems, with this The driver really has no impact on this! Speedytech7 your factory should be hitting about 2,000. It looks like there is about 3/16" Hi I am in the process of assembleing my c4 (c9) auto, 86 da. It also bolts to the torque converter, which is like a clutch for automatic transmissions. I can manually move the torque converter like a tiny bit and it'll start but after I turn it off and try again - same issue. Although they are the same base motor, the Crank Position Sensor on the '89 was on the distributor and the CPS is on the flexplate/flywheel on the '90. It is the same principle as a servo piston or any other hydraulic component: Pressure, multiplied by area, equals force. Oh and getting a 89 octane tune from black bear tuning. if i'm not mistaken that ring is for the auto. 4 quarts (9. The best part is, our Jeep Wrangler Flywheel/Flexplate products start from as little as $35. If you have a flywheel (NOT flexplate) that has bad, chipped, broken or worn teeth, the ring gear on the flywheel CAN be replaced. Problem with starter gear hitting flexplate kept wiping thrust. Simply read down to the correct fastener size, then across to find the torque value for your application. The converter will need to pull out of the transmission to the flexplate. 99. Expert Advice. It acted like maybe the flywheel was hitting the converter. This is the sound a jeep with automatic transmission makes when the flexplate to torque converter bolts are loose. After reading, you will know how a torque converter works, symptoms of a bad torque converter, and its average replacement cost. The torque converte has other pieces that are loose, and drives the impeller inside with the trans fluid. Appreciate Must be a bad angle, the skinny plate part between the tranny and engine is lined up (the bolts go through the holes and whatnot) also the torque converter bolts are snugged up and the flexplate/torque converter can be turned via crankshaft and they do not hit anything. It is strange seeing this thread,I just had a flexplate break out the whole center section,but I went back with a Suncoast billet one. will find out in a hurry if that flexplate has to warp in order to fit it in. 1973 - 1979 F-100 & Larger F-Series Trucks - torque converter to flex plate advice? - I am mating up my transmission to engine and I am wondering if there is an easy way to align the torque converter bolts to the flex plate? I am trying to get it aligned AND pulled in by myself. Just use the right flexplate with the right converter. Either it's the wrong torque converter or the flexplate is junk. Search Car Torque Specifications by Engine or Model THe converter slides right in to the crank, first thing I checked. Motor Flexplate Spacer Bolts That is correct. Tightened all of the nuts and then turned the engine over by hand. I put in a new flexplate (stock 400 - couldn't snag an SFI quick). He found the trans case itself was distorted by 35 thousands. I have an 01 Durango with the 5. Now, every race car has a transmission and unless you’re (sadly) one of the dying few bracket racers that still shifts gears manually, your car has a torque converter, as well, and it’s in these two components where great strides can be made in these key departments that will help your goal of cutting great lights, running the number, and A torque converter designed to operate in a light duty 3/4 ton vehicle should not be the same as a converter used in a heavy duty 1 ton dually or even a class “A” motor home. The torque converter is a hydraulic pump that creates pressure in the transmission and sends fluid throughout the system. You need the flexplate to match the torque converter. Driving the other day and the transmission just seamed to disengage. But it does sound rotational - like something on the engine hitting something as it spins - the two things on the outside spinning are the flexplate and an crankshaft pulley. has anyone had this before or know how to fix it? I took my torque converter inspection cover off last night and found that the bolts that hold the flex plate to the converter have been hitting the 1/16" plate that goes between the trans and the engine. We had everything bolted up and started turning the motor over to install the torque converter bolts in and the motor would not turn over. I have the lift, but not the trans jack. Hold your foot on the brake and load the engine up with the transmission in drive or reverse by hitting the gas pedal . It sounded like a fan blade hitting the radiator. 3 Important Components Found in a Torque Converter . You need to determine if it is the engine or the transmission. Harmonic dampeners also changed through the years. There will be one or two of these holes and there should be a hex head drain plug sticking out of it/them. There are 2 or 3 slots that have to line up between torque converter and transmission, so when you put the torque converter on the input shaft and slide it in you then need to rotate it and you will feel it slide in a bit more and then a bit more, and the clicks. The transmission was left in the vehicle. Toyota 2. 2l flexplate. The crankshaft spacer and transmission flexplate replacement. Usually, the inspection cover is a little tweaked when you have the converter bolts hitting it. 81″ torque converter) of transmission fluid, Top 30 Common 4L60E Transmission Problems and Repair With your flex plate installed on the crank, measure from the block bolt circle face to the converter mount face on the plate. Good news it went 10. first time i tried putting it back on i bent the flexplate so i ordered a new. I have seen about everything concerning flex-plates over the past 40 years. A 168 tooth flexplate uses a 11 1/2-inch bolt circle. now set that torque converter on a bench face up. The other key component inside a torque converter is the stator. The converter I am using also will not engage into the crank when it would be bolted to the flexplate. All of the studs lined up as did the drain plug on the torque converter against the Flexplate. I missed this on my car the first time and the weight on the flywheel was hitting the starter housing. I can see them but do not have a clue on how to get a socket or a wrench in there to I confirmed that the 4l8X series tq converter will not work on the 6l90 trans, totally different animal so that idea is out. The 700R4 uses a lockup converter. i ended up having to drop the unit all the way down and flip it over. This will save a lot of money if I can use the torque converter I have. 375in Ford Small 10. I wanted new bolts in some areas and wanted the originals in others. If so you may not have the torque converter drain bolts in the right position. '97 Exp 4. A torque converter designed to operate in a light duty 3/4 ton vehicle should not be the same as a converter used in a heavy duty 1 ton dually or even a class “A” motor home. Always adjust shifter cable from It sounds like fan blades are hitting something and making a metallic sound. Use a marker and pieces of tape to designate the proper locations of the bolts and assembly for the flexplate-to-torque converter and unscrew the bolts. I would just keep looking for the sound. _____ 71 Elm Green FI A/T Squareback Most of these theories have little real bases and rely little on fact. 4 quarts (11. If you have to install the torque converter, there are clearance issues to be aware of. The flexplate rotates the torque converter too, but not at the same rate of rotation. There are holes in the flywheel that need to line up with the drain bolts for the torque converter. Recommended torque is equal to 75% of the fastener's yield strength. An eagle forged crank with a TCI flexplate, TCI torque converter, and a TCI Streefighter C4. 2l or a 2. Knocking nosie comin from the flywheel/starter area. A leaky or damaged torque converter can cause a serious transmission leak. it's an annoying whine that increases with rpm whenever in any gear. 1965-73 Mustang Flexplates - Flywheel for Automatic Transmission Cars are designed to accommodate various size torque converter bolt patterns and they work with Line up the new torque converter studs with the holes in the flex-plate. Now measure the trans mount face to the converter/flex plate mounts. (head bolts are 70-80 ft/lbs) Id think the converter nuts could go to about 45 ft/lbs, being a 3/8" NF thread. The smaller converter will be ok won’t it the flexplate would have virtually NO engagement with the starter. I've never used a torque wrench on any of those bolts or nuts. found out cooler in rad was plugged. Flexplates help transfer power from the engine to the wheels. until now! Discuss Knocking comeing from torque converter or flywheel? in the alt. The transmission to engine bolts need to be at least about 50 ft/lbs as these are the same size as the head bolts, but a slghtly lower grade bolt. Sounds like brand new now and I am no longer afraid to turn the key. The image below shows a pilot bushing that is NOT going to interfere with the converter, as the bushing is below the area occupied by the converter. 2/6. but after hitting Though less common, your car's torque convertor may be the source of a leak. Remove transmission and correct problem. The instructor agrees with me that this is the problem. Most every parts store has (or can get) 168 and 153 teeth ring gears. 453”). PATC performance torque converters are manufactured in-house at our state of the art torque converter shop. Next was my only real surprise of the project. My manual says 74 ft lbs to the crank and 44 ft lbs torque to the converter. This effort began with a new generation of skirted-block FE-series V-8 engines in 1958. The housing of torque converter is attached to engine flywheel with the help of bolts, allowing it to turn at a speed similar to that of the engine. It sounds like its coming from the torque converter area, mostly under throttle but occasionally at idle. The fins that make up the pump of the torque converter are attached to the housing, so they also turn at the same speed as the engine. the trans is a C4 bell housing -flexplate-torque converter-Long post. The Sun Coast 68RFE-BFP Billet Flex Plate for your 2007. You can inspect the torque converter bolts through the dust cover to see if the bolts have loosened holding the converter to the flywheel . After making motor mounts and having one heck of a time getting the motor and trans to finally fit I started to put in my torque converter bolts. I new right when it happened when it finally broke loose. Thanks I have bolted the new flexplate to the crank, then bolted the torque converter to the flex plate. We like to rotate the engine so the flex plate holes are at 3,6,9, and 12 o’clock positions, then do the same on the converter. We have some of the best torque converter builders and machinists in the industry. I can see by the difference between the flexplate and the back of the engine that it needs to be below flush flexplate to crank bolt torque specs. the small slip of paper included with the flexplate says "DO NOT use the incldued spacer when using an ls1 transmission but you must use the spacer whe using a non-ls1 I had a friend turn it over for me and it looked to be running fairly straight, but i found that only about 1/2 to 3/4 of the fly wheel has marks on the egde from hitting the starter bushing. Check the header clearance and make sure it is not hitting the bottom of the floor pan. and one time a bolt was so lose it was hitting the engine block so the After all this you may find the 700R4 may not like a 4bt. 9 engine and recently had a noise develop that almost sounds like the fan hitting the shroud, but that's not the problem. We were wrong. lining it up with a come along up top, and a few jacks under was a real pain, but its in c4 help I pulled the trans out tonight. Now, after reaching operating temperature it starts to make a chirping / squeaking noise from the flexplate/ TC area. Loosen all the flexplate bolts and then try to turn it. I'll be bringing it to the shop next week again. Ford Mustang II 9. Converter must be free to move a minimum of 1/8", but not more than 3/16". Install the crankshaft spacer and flexplate misalignment between the flexplate and torque reinforcement plate (less flexplate) with the converter causing a pre-load condition between the flexplate attachment bolts. While it's running, I can't see where it's hitting anything. The trans fluid seems to be fine, not dark or burned smelling. to take the flexplate off, set it on a couple of boards and set the torque converter on the flexplate with the bolts and flex plate ring in place and see if there is interference. TC rebuilder (PDQ) says they're the same except the GM8 uses metric bolts. 94 @120. It should measure approx 6. I have tried every trick in the book to get the torque converter nuts loose so that I can seperate it from the engine. Unscrew the transaxle mount-to-body fastening bolts, using a torque wrench. There are 3 raised sections on the flexplate and all 3 sections have wear tracks from the torque converter. My trans tech, needed to know why. im stumped i bump, still chasing the problem. Car shifts fine though and doesn't make noise til engine is warm. that is measurement A when the converter is properly seated. Turns out the flexplate bolts are hitting the torque converter, due to the reinforcement plate/taller profile heads on the ARP flexplate bolts I'm using. 1969 Mach1, 428cj, ram air, C6 1967 mustang coupe 460, C6 I pulled my old th400 and converter, and installed the new tranny and converter, and while bolting up the tranny, I noticed the converter was difficult to spin by hand, it was all the way in the tranny, and it wasn't hitting the flexplate, I think the snout on the converter was causing a really tight fit to the flexplate/crank, the snout does Ford used 3 different torque converter bolt circles with ring gear welded on flexplate for cars/light trucks. 500 in Ford Large 11. The first indication was the it was hitting the starter teeth. The pressure part is easy; it’s simply the internal torque converter pressure. 71 cuda 727 trans flexplate to converter space in Confirm distance to in out of trans/torque converter/ flexplate? if it's hitting the pump casting the paint I broke all the torque converter bolts saturday on my 68 coronet. As such, it could be the torque convertor that is causing the vibration, or an issue internal to the transmission. There had been a marble sound on and off for about a month. To do this, take oput the bolts that hold the flexplate to the torque convertor, then push the convertor as far back into the bell housing as possible. As the torque converter spins, it multiplies the torque produced to move the vehicle Flexplate/Torque Converter Rattle you will be able to see where it has been hitting. Distance between flexplate and TC lugs: 0. Torque converter wont go on. the transmission torque converter bolts to the flexplate (big round thing. The force on the crankshaft from the torque converter is simple. All I need to work on in this truck is the engine. I rotated it until I saw the torque converter (TC) bolt. e2 alloy head crossflow combo in my cortina. Remove bolts mounting the flexplate to the end of the crankshaft. That sounds like my buddies, we thought something was wrong to, took the inspection cover off saw nothing, checked converter bolts they were tight, turned the flexplate with a pry bar and everything moved together, then got a hold of the builder and he said that they are a little noisy, and that was with less than 500 miles. 2l TC's, so the 2. 899-7400 3. Here at Advance Auto Parts, we work with only top reliable Flywheel/Flexplate product and part brands so you can shop with complete confidence. Has "low stall speed" which may be 1350-1500 rpm. It bolts to the crankshaft and spins at engine speed. Your measurement of the flexplate seems to be correct. You can also have someone turn the engine over by hand and watch the flexplate as it turns. ok, back to what i thought was a transmission whine. Why on earth are the bolts only a 5/16? A stock 150 hp small block chevy used a bigger bolt than a 5/16! Is it possible to drill out the holes in the converter and flex plate and re tap for a bigger bolt? What do you guys use? Start studying Automatic Transmission Midterm Exam CH 1, 3, 6. Forumers, I dropped a newly rebuilt 383 into its place in ´72 c10 project I have. Check the engine’s rear main seal for signs of a leak. The vibration is a rolling vibration and is definitely coming from the motor>torque converter>transmission. com. With the engine running and banging in progress I can feel a roughness as if something is hitting something else. Torque converter lockup isn't a gear at all, but a fuel saving function that kicks in when you are cruising, which is a clutch in the torque converter that locks down and overrides the fluid Re: How to torque the flywheel boltwithout a torque wrench? Use torque wrenches. Named one of the 2019 Hottest Women in Drag Racing by Drag Illustrated, Lea Ochs and her iconic Lead Sled Resurrection wagon are hitting the big time with a custom build from one of the sport’s top performance specialists: Wendell Dunaway. Check for motion side-to-side and up-and-down. Im wondering if they may have sent me a th350 dust cover? this one will not fit up to the mounting flange or line up with the screw holes to attach it. It is a 1995 Jeep Cherokee SE (XJ), 4. Will let you all know either way. (even a shade tree variety) Bolts and nuts stretch every time they are torqued and stay stretched. Compare the most helpful customer reviews of the best rated products in our Automotive Replacement Torque Converters store. There is a possibility that the flex-plate is cracked from the center out to the bolt holes the converter attaches to. Chevrolet Performance offers both internally and externally balanced Chevy flexplates. ATP Z-348 Automatic Transmission Flywheel Flex-Plate of sheet metal with bolt holes for the torque converter and teeth for the starter. I had to change the flywheel/flexplate from a manual to an auto. First up to bat: the SLU solenoid that controls the apply and release of the torque converter clutch, the second (B2) clutch and the low and Reverse (B3) clutch. 438 bolt circle same bolt circle as FMX used in full size cars and pan filled C4. 150-2901 Ford 6. You can actually move it quite easily this way once you find the rhythm. can a torque converter cause a whine whenever the vehicle is in gear? note, the car drives fine with no symptoms of a bad transmission. When I put the 360 in my CJ with a 999 auto, do I use the torque converter I used with the 6/999 combo, or do I use the torque converter that is on the 360/727 combo. Just get em tight. One away! GM 10000969 Flywheel Starter Flexplate Starter True Start High Torque Mini Ford 140-Tooth Flexplate Each BMW FLEX PLATE STARTER RING GEAR FOR TORQUE CONVERTER I think I have it tho, when the car was put back together it was done at the shop. 0L I6 High Output, automatic transmission The torque converter was full seated when I bolted the transmission to the engine (I could barely get the very tip of a finger between the converter the transmission case). So I'm really not sure. One is that a converter bolt is coming loose and striking the engine block. The transmission is a fresh th350 I had rebuilt by the best local transmission builder and converter is a summit rebuilt cheapo. The converter bolts don't seem too long The Type 1 Auto-stick uses a different flexplate, with 4 bolts for the torque converter, instead of three. In retrospect; yes this can cause a ticking noise. Trans adaptor: I bought a hot heads trans adapter to mate my 392 to a A-727 trans to put in my 1965 dodge coronet. You can run either a 2. 5l TC's are bigger than 2. You should be able to bend it a bit to get more clearance for the bolt heads. The cutaway below shows how everything is connected inside the torque converter. The torque converter was still attached to the used engine so I used it instead of my old one. 200 or a little less than a 1/4" So for "spacers", I used a 3/8" (I believe that was the At the opposite end of the crankshaft from the balancer is the flexplate, which connects the engine to the automatic transmission through the torque converter assembly. I took pictures with my phone and used a paint marker to identify the correct flexplate/torque converter mounting holes. i have made sure the tq converter is fully seated in the tranny on the pump flats and i have a 164 tooth 28oz flexplate and the TC snout is not hitting the crankshaft the flex plate is the part at the back of the engine,bolted to the crankshaft. it doesn't sound like a bearing. Ford C-4 &l; C-6 Transmissions: Drain plugs must be exposed through holes in flexplate. When I manually rotate the engine to align the flexplate mounting holes with threaded holes on the torque converter, there is some drag. The flexplate is not solid,has some holes in it,but does have the ability to flex,or give a little,and after putting it in Ford flywheels and flexplates are apparently a very vexing topic for many people working on engine or transmission swaps like I was. The only difference is a USDM 2g trans has a larger converter due to the lockup function. Distance between flexplate and torque converter (TC) lugs: 0. Your flexplate could also be cracked as well, -certainly not unheard of on a 6. I'm in the process of converting over to a C4 auto. They spin them up with a impact. never knew that a torque bolted to a flywheel, it is always bolted to a flex plate that drives the torque converter and carries the ring gear for the starter there are washers that fit either of that flex plate or on some engines only on the converter side with the bevelled edge facing away from the plate You can forget about hitting the freeway, where every little-old lady in her Kia is zipping along at 75 mph. The torque converter spun freely until the mounting boss on the converter hit the flexplate weight. Unscrew the transaxle converter cover's retaining bolts. I feel the converter was seated properly but what i don't understand is a couple measurments. 010" on a big block. Engine would turn fine on the stand, then i bolted the flexplate on and dropped it in the truck, bolted the bell housing to the engine and when it was time to hook it to the torque converter it won't budge. Update on the 4L80e, leaking torque converter seal… After discovering the cracked flywheel and grooves worn in the TC collar, had caused the seal to leak. 090 thick and BD plate was . I don't know if you could use the Type 1 converter and flexplate as a unit on a Type 3 engine, though. Remove the transaxle assembly and check the rotation of the torque converter in the bell housing. It is sticking out a 1/2 inch too far according the the FSM. So the pattern isn’t quite totally off, the spread is the same on the 3 pad vs 6 pad but about a . going through the flex plate end up hitting the engine block plate. It I have my tranny out and dumped the fluid in and put the converter in the tranny, that is out of the car. The rotating assembly with flexplate/converter may be thrusting forward. Looking for sources and part numbers for the 87 2. Find Summit Racing® Torque Converters SUM-700350 and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Designed for stock and mildly hopped-up street vehicles, our Summit Racing® torque converters give you the extra stall speed that you need for quicker launches. Also, my manual says something about marking the torque converter position on the flexplate before removal so that it can be installed in the same spot. 9. 8L-TH125C flexplate to torque converter bolts. The fix is to have the starter bolt holes in the transmission drilled out and heli-coiled with new threads. 64″ torque converter) or 11. i played around with it a bit more just in case. With the starter, flexplate cover, torque converter bolts, drive shafts, wires and any linkage removed, install the longer transmission mounting bolts. 25 I recently put a new motor in my car. I love my lockup. 350 motor 4L60E trans Motor wants to stall while in gear (but doesn't do it out of gear once over 1000 rpm it dosent) seem to stall and it is only from a dead stop. 0 HO. trucks. I moved/adjusted heat shields, steel lines, etc. The cover doesn't show any signs that anything was hitting it. The turbine is the torque input component (drive) from the torque converter to the transmissions input shaft. 12V. My $1. set the flexplate on the converter-off the truck- and see if you have that gap/ THAT has been our issue. Tighten to two components. To do this, just stand the converter on it's hub (the part that goes into the transmission) and measure from the hub to the mounting pads. However broken pump gears do not typically cause a grinding noise so much as causing the whole transmission to be completely inoperable. The Plate was used to reinforce (stiffen) that area of the flexplate. I am going to put it on the lift when it is available and check the dust cover bolts, tq bolts and starter bolts to make sure they are tight and not to long causing them to rub the flexplate. That caused the stator spline to wear out. The same thing goes for attaching the flexplate to the torque converter. I recently bought a 85 foxbody that was originally a 302 with an aodI bought the car with only a transmission and no motor so I installed a 1983 351wafter installing the motor it all seemed to bolt up good but when I went to start it up the starter just grinds really loudI did install the the block plate it I am really not sure what flexplate I used because it was just an old one I 1) Converter pushed back into tranny. Shove up on the bolt from underneath and you will see if you have clearance, and can measure it if you want. to my surprise i barely played with it, didnt hear anything, but noticed it was sitting way back in the case. As the engine turned I heard a large metal scraping sound and upon inspection noticed the counter weight was hitting the starter motor. It requires 8. Chrysler Transmissions: Align small hole in flexplate opposite converter I got what was supposed to be a 700r4 dust cover ( the cover for the torque converter and flexplate) from "Chev's of the 40's" store. Then tighten the top bolt first, bottom second, then the middle bolt last and torque properly, 18 ft/lbs I think. Re: Flywheel bolts hitting the clutch disc i don't recall putting that ring on. Hard or soft 1-2 and 2-1 shifts, firm/late TCC apply, early TCC apply or no converter lockup all can be attributed to a faulty SLU solenoid. Mine cracked a couple of weeks prior to breaking and I could hear it "hitting" something as it spun around. Please refer to my first comment "torque specs mean EVERYTHING when using ARP bolts" It is because stock bolts can not be torqued to the sufficient clamping force that will not allow the bolts to loosen. It's a SCAT so I sent them some questions on the plate and asked what the depth was supposed to be from the crank flange to the torque converter And that reminds me, something that I don't remember ever being mentioned here. I thought you guys were talking about shims for the bolts to the flywheel, do you put shims on the shaft that the torque converter slides onto? JDM transmissions use the same converter i have installed like 15 of them. Get the story on this incredible team and how Sonnax upgrades hey guys, first off I did do a quick search came up with nothing! The problem i am having is when i stick the tranny and engine together the flexplate and tq converter hit before the block and tranny are together causing a bind. Bolt holes are fine. The torque converter was not removed during the original uninstall. The converter should be free to rotate, subject to balance weights hitting toque converter lugs. 460 C6 went to check torque converter to flexplate before installing in trans. The housing of the torque converter is bolted to the flywheel of the engine, so it turns at whatever speed the engine is running at. Presently, I am in the middle of an engine swap and I removed the flexplate from the old engine. 2. Sometimes, faulty needle bearings or cracks in the torque converter's body can cause leaks that are difficult to diagnose and expensive to repair. The pump is fine as the converter was installed correctly into the pump. The flexplate is a basic 168 tooth from summit and I've started it with just the flexplate and it didn't have any issues and i inspected it before installation so I don't think it's bent. Hi, running a 225 from 1977 in a dodge van and I got this rattling noise coming out of the engine, like something is loose and hitting something inside the engine. Long story short, I pulled the transmission and all four bolts had fallen out of the flex plate/ Torque Converter. Always install 4 to 6 ounces of fluid in the torque converter before installation. Do you get the noise all the time or only when under load . If How does a torque converter work? A torque converter is a fluid pump of sorts. I cannot get the bolts that marry the torque converter to the motor out. Ok, i am dropping the transmission in my 1990 pathfinder 4x4 and I am getting throught it pretty good so far. Metric torque converter bolts are also required to bolt the converter to the flexplate, GM (PN 1261968). A 153 tooth flexplate will be paired with a torque converter that has a 10 3/4-inch bolt circle. 8L with the stock converter and the stock TH125C automatic transmission. The solution was that TCI cut 70 thousands off the converter hub. This could cause the converter to "bottom out" in the crank and pull the ring gear of the flex plate toward the trans. I thought it was torque converter bolts backing out or something. The converter will actually sit further into the trans when it's full in and you will have to pull it forward just a bit when you bolt it up to the plate. We often take torque converters for granted, but their implementation was a tremendous breakthrough in the development of modern automatic transmissions. 3L it will stall to about 2200-2400 rpms, yet be very tight and super reliable. ok. The torque converter is a hydraulic pump which pressurizes the transmission fluid system and moves the fluid throughout the entire transmission. That is the only proper way to be a mechanic. Unscrew the engine-to-transaxle bracing. and im confused on what you mean the gears on the starter are hitting the flywheel (flexplate)? that wouldnt have anything to do with the torque converter being to tight From bells to valve bodies, added solenoids, changes in pump and convertors. The tranny has been rebuilt, new TC and we just replaced the flex plate thinking this was the cause. I didn't align them! I tried to turn the crank shaft to get them to align but I believe the torque converter is spinning with the flexplate, the bolts are not aligning and popping through. It looks like the converter is not turning true in the bellhousing. I cracked the flex plate. I am confused. The bolts connecting the flywheel and torque converter are tight, it seems as the fly wheel is tight on the crank shaft. That’s when the R&R tech said that, during the installation, it seemed like the converter had to pull away from the transmission much farther than usual in order to mate up with the flexplate. I cant see anything wrong, there are no marks on the torque converter / flywheel. When you pulled your torque converter, did you remove the flex plate (some call it the flywheel, but that term is only correct for vehicles with a clutch. The Flex Plate is not for a 200 cid, but later your describe your torque converter as having gear teeth. I crawled underneath with it on ramps and it's coming from back around the torque converter. This will help ease the installation of 7/16” torque converter bolts by overcoming any tolerance stack-up between Only reason I havent pulled the oil pan yet is because I bought the engine from a reputable shop, it runs real smooth and it really sounds like its coming from the torque converter or flywheel. They have a flexplate that is 164 tooth 28oz that has both bolt patterns for the torque converter. I pulled the inspection plate and found that the teeth on the ring gear are shiny on the corners and there is metal powder/shavings in there. Hand turning it over I found that the new flex plate is not running true. If TC_SLIPACT is less than 20 RPM with the transmission in park or neutral, torque converter internal failure is the most likely cause, proceed to Step 3. 0L OHV Pushrod engine and I need to do a head gasket replacement. The BoxWrench Engine Specs Database is a community resource for mechanics of all skill levels to access a reference library of Firing Orders, Distributor Rotation Directions and Block-Cylinder Numbering as well as Torque Specs, Timing Settings and Cylinder Head Tightening Sequences among other engine specs. This is ongoing problem and I'm about to pull my hair out. Seems you'd hear it at any speed. Jan 23, 2008 12) If your torque converter-to-flex plate fasteners are bolts, thread the be tempted to hit the first bolt with an impact gun to pull the converter to . As I pull the trany back the stock flex plate looked to be good!? Took a couple pics to show the difference. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. We are having trouble with the flexplate its a 164 tooth mounting up to the bellhousing. The 4L60E transmission weighs 146 pounds dry, and 162 wet. 190 thick, it looks like a big difference. After finding the code and digging around, I found this is a GM8 stock Turbo 400 Torque Converter - the car originally had a GM3. Stock plate was . As viewed from the torque-converter mounting side, on a correct flexplate for a C4, FMX, AOD, AODE, 4R70W, 4R75E, or 4R75W trans (hereafter referred to as the “C4-style”), the torque-converter Select the navigation view you prefer when narrowing your search. ) I ask this because the Ford C-6 and the Ford AOD shared very similar design, especially when it came to the design and function of the front pump/torque converter and flex plate. Went ahead and ordered a TCI SFI rated flex plate, and a Hughes "Fuel Miser" torque converter (stall 1000-1200 rpm's) since most of the driving this thing will see is in town <50 mph. 5l torque converter, I don't belive the transmission interface is any different. As the engine spins and turns the torque converter, the flex plate flexes and dampens the vibration leading to the torque converter. and the flex plate bolts are hitting the coverter body and not letting converter mounting feet to mate to flexplate its holding it off less than a 1/4 inch. These are the three bolts that attach the torque converter to the flexplate on the stock 2. Choose the incorrect flywheel or flexplate and you may have problems with starter engagement, torque converter/clutch fitment, or a balance issue and unwanted vibration. If converter has no end-play, converter was installed improperly. I talked to summit racing. The torque converter has splines on it and fits onto the transmission input shaft, so there a "fair amount of spline" on the transmission input shaft that the torque converter hub (being splined internally to match the splines on the transmission input shaft) slides on. HELP- with installing a torque converter -727 trans . It's coming from the trans area. i just tried looking it up on ondemand, but from what i can see it says 18-25 ft lbs, which is a little on the light side to me. When I tried to marry the block to the bellhousing, the nuts from the torque converter on the backside of the flexplate hit the aluminum block plate, preventing the bellhousing to mate with the block. was hitting the Lead Sled Lea Levels Up Her Powerglide. As I unbolted the torque converter I pried on the flex plate and it would move what seemed to be a lot, so i though it was for sure cracked. I once had a noise something like that & turned out to be a loose flexplate bolt where the head of the bolt was backed out just enough to be in contact with the dust cover. These products are shortlisted based on the overall star rating and the number of customer reviews received by each product in the store, and are refreshed regularly. I can borrow one though. All 400 sb and 454 BB engines had the 168 tooth flywheels and a dowel in the crankshaft flange to properly align the weighted portion of the flexplate/flywheel. Ensuring the proper gap between the torque converter and flexplate is crucial. ARP General Torque recommendations. Everything You Want to Know About Ford C4 and C6 Transmissions Ford had a fundamental challenge to its direction and future in the late 1950s—how to shed a stodgy image and dated technology. In order to reduce the amount of converter thrust, torque converter end clearance was reduced, converter pilot to crankshaft pilot hole clearance was increased, and the flex plate was designed to absorb more of the thrust (like a spring). We specialize in high performance / heavy duty converters that can be built to your specifications. The person I spoke to at Art Carr doesn't recommend using a lockup converter, I guess that's why I bought a TCI 3000 rpm stall lockup converter. 7400˝ Ring Compressor Specialty Kit. I have a 79 sbc and the torque converter is a b/m 10" 3200 stall. The rod and crank bearings are fine, valve lash have been adjusted and the timing chain is OK. There are three important components that can be found in a torque converter which includes turbine, pump, and stator. 006" - 0. Some aftermarket flexplates are drilled with both patterns to accept large and small diameter torque converters. This concern arises during a specification. Fuel filter has been replaced and TBI was rebuilt last April but it sort of used to do something like this when it was like 40 degrees I guess my curiosity stems from why would torque converter bolts hitting the block only be audible once you get to a certain speed. lol) the flexplate has gear teeth around the outside so the starter can mesh with it to start the engine. The torque converters for the 727 and A518 are NOT interchangeable. There is no need for the pilot bushing in this instance. Lowest Prices. I've attached a video as well. this is NOT your torque converter! First off, it would not act up in second gear as the TC should not be locking up to the engine below 35 MPH! WHy do people look to transmission/torque converter Vibration - Flywheel? Converter? Harmonic balancer? This is a discussion on Vibration - Flywheel?Converter? Harmonic balancer? within the External Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; 2000 SS A4 1. but still there so looks like its a flexplate problem I'm confused about the picture of the back of your engine block; showing your "flex plate", and a later description of your torque converter. Totalled;80517 Wrote:You sure you got a 28oz flexplate? 1981 and later 302s, including panther cars, were 50oz. 300 3) Difference: 0. Slide transmission and transfer back about 4", keeping the torque converter in the transmission pump. I ordered a new Flexplate and wouldn’t you know it, it didn’t fit!!! I could position the Flexplate where 5 out of the 6 bolt holes lined up correctly, but the 6 th hole was misaligned by a small margin – ARG! I’m ready to install this darn Flexplate and torque converter bolts by Smithius » November 9th, 2014, 5:46 am Im after some new flex plate to crank and flex plate to torque converter bolts while i have my motor out. I need to know if I can use this tq converter and flexplate. dont hesitate to ask for more info. Although the 400 sb and 454 BB had an unbalance flexplate/flywheel the unbalance is not the same and they will not interchange. Also the space between the converter and flywheel was about 3/8" of an inch away from mating flush. 125". (not on the torque converter). Listed below are the general torque recommendations for bulk 5-packs and engine/accessory fasteners. When I spin it, the dimples on the back side of the converter are hitting the casing of the tranny. Note this image shows a picture of a Flexplate flywhee) or drive plate used with a torque converter and an automatic transmission. On the Art Carr trans web site they tell you to measure from the trans bell housing down to the converter flange my measurement was just under 3/4 say 11/16. A torque converter is a circular metal object surrounded by mystery in how it functions; to some, at least. 5. 0SOHC, 5R55e Doing an engine swap - old motor was froze so converter was pulled with engine. 5” inboard however that doesn’t fix the body of the torque converter hitting the flexplate issue. Over 6,000 Automotive Torque Specs. This is the P/N of the unit I bought from O'Reilly Auto Parts (seems pretty common among the vendors): Pioneer FRA-205 Just finally was able to track down the source of a clank metal fan type noise, as the noise has gone from a rare occasion, to a pretty consistant raquet. If you have less than 1/8" clearance, you will damage the transmission. I looked way up between the torque converter and the flexplate to those top bolts and didn't see anything, it looked fine. Sounds like someone hitting a tin can or I crawled underneath and it sounds like it is coming from the passenger side of the torque converter, a closer look and it looks like the teeth on the flywheel/flexplate are actually hitting the gear that pops out on the starter - AND I can actually see wear on that gear starter gear is hitting flexplate after starting car new engine and transmission 162 tooth flexplate do i need 153? motor mounts are tight no engine movement converter in all the way bolts tight out of my limited knowledge 1974 350 mated to 350 turbo in 67 chevelle starter is powermaster to work with both 153 and162 flexplates I can manually move the torque converter like a tiny bit and it'll start but after I turn it off and try again - same issue. Well, I got new grade 8 bolts for the torque converter instead of the proper bolts. If you tinker with the 4bt's power you could have the torque of a big block hitting the transmission at that low RPM. NEVER PULL THE TORQUE CONVERTER TIGHT TO THE FLEXPLATE USING THE MOUNTING BOLTS. Always use grade # 8 fasteners to attach converter to flexplate. If you cannot turn the converter at all, you have a problem. Do you guys think is would be from the flexplate, torque converter, or the starter? Motor shifting and 'hitting the bottom' of a worn mount will produce a 'bang transmission check, Flexplate to converter alignment. The C4 is a 70s era unit, all aluminum, pan filled with the big bell housing. Loose flexplate/converter bolts make a nasty sound similar to a rod knock, but immediately go away as soon as you try to accelerate the mass. 7L Cummins is a must have when it comes to putting power to the ground in your truck. With the torque converter pushed up against the flexplate, you don't have the torque converter seated properly on the transmission input shaft. The input shaft does not want to go back into the transmission as far as it should. Replace it now if its more than a few years old, or is leaking. I've narrowed my vibration to either torque converter . Upon doing so and after bolting it all up i noticed the flexplate is hitting the starter motor casting and the teeth are just touching. just an update, the small splined shaft seemed like it was turning by hand. Hey all, The motor is an 88 5. my best description would I was hoping to install the torque converter and flexplate yesterday with the engine in the car. 5-2016 Dodge 6. When it comes to your Honda Accord, you want parts and products from only trusted brands. Okay, Here;'s my problem. I can get them loose but there isnt enough room to take them out. I could not see it because it was dark and I was tired and didn't feel like messing with it any more. To move the converter forward and flush with the flywheel, I turned the converter to bring it forward. Something in there is keeping it from seating all the way. Flexplate won't turntorque converter Welcome to Club Hot Rod! The premier site for everything to do with Hot Rod, Customs, Low Riders, Rat Rods, and more. Before bolting converter to flexplate, confirm converter pilot is engaged into crankshaft pilot. Hi all, I have just got a new engine and th400 for my HZ . Torque converters are fascinating. Installing a Torque Converter and Flexplate After the first trip to the dyno, we discussed future mods - Robert & Mike both thought that a higher stall torque converter would make a huge difference - I've found that both my cross-fire cars "bogged" at low rpm - lots of noise, but not lots of power When installing 7/16” bolts to attach the torque converter to the flexplate we recommend that you first enlarge the torque converter bolt holes in the flexplate to an inside diameter of 29/64” (. side that the converter body is hitting the flex plate arp bolts with 1/8" to  Do you think i should try unbolting the torque converter bolts and back The flexplate is still hitting the starter gear on part of the plates rotation. I doubt it's your stall that's failing though, most likely the transmission. C6 to 351. The impeller’s vanes create centrifugal force by pumping transmission fluid toward the outside of housing. Lots of hands were on the car and moving fast so I lost quality control in a lot of areas. #3 - The hookers in Times Square tell you "We would, but we don't want to get caught with someone with a torque converter like yours. Can I remove the transmission without unbolting the torque convertor?? You need to remove the bolts that bolt the torque converter to the flywheel/flexplate. 7500˝ The cause at that time, was a problem with the auto transmission torque converter. but no luck. I spent about 3 hours messing with it, until I decided to pull both the tranny and engine again. I thought about the "leave the converter on the flexplate" method, but I'm not certain the trans will go back 8" without hitting the tunnel. Does anyone else have any ideas on what to 4) A ridge or interference in the torque converter hub to crankshaft pilot junction. In other words, the torque converter has studs sticking out of it that are meant to be aligned with the flexplate. I just took the starter off so i can access the torque converter bolts, yet i cannot get to the bolts. It would not get past the weight. I looked up through the inspection cover and the starter drive was hitting the flexplate. It is coming from the flexplate torque converter area. Call 800-505-3274 or Shop Online. The main issue is the torque of the 4bt come full on at 1800 RPM and the transmission pump doesn't produce enough pressure at that speed to keep the clutches from slipping. I have a 2000 Ford Taurus wagon with a 3. 383 small block - 700R4 tranny, with a bosshoss trque converter. 006" on a small block, 0. Hint: Watching the space between the engine and transmission gives an indication of what movement is needed to engage the pilots. Very expensive. [Archive] Flexplate/converter Rattle 94-98 2nd Gen. You really should check the end play on the crank using a dial indicator - should measure 0. I'd rather leave the trans, t-case, and drivelines intact. A failed converter will be difficult to rotate. I took the inspection cover off yesterday afternoon. Has anyone ever heard of the flexplate knocking against something, or the torque converter knocking as it fails? In this article we are going to talk about the part of the automatic transmission called the torque converter. Could the blades in a torque converter become weak and flex out of position when accelerated? The torque converter bolts to the three outer points of the triangle shaped flex plate. torque converter hitting flexplate

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